Monthly archives for January, 2016


Proposition 65 previously known as “The safe drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986” is a law passed by voters in California in 1986. The purpose was to protect ...

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Can’t Seem to Quit Smoking? Maybe this is Right for You!

A medical device is a range of products that are used in the treatment, diagnosis or prevention of a disease or a physical condition. New and exciting medical device ideas ...

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Science Beauty Myths

We are living in the age of gross misinformation about beauty products and the development of “panic science” by consumers and special interest groups who just don’t trust big business. ...

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Powerful Cosmetic Ingredients That Come from Foods

Many cosmetic creams and lotions claim to use “active ingredients” that make changes to wrinkles, radiance and aging. In times past, these were often added to formulations in tiny quantities ...

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Mandatory Section 71 Notice Due by February 23, 2016

Important Notice for those who Manufactured or Imported Products which contained Nanomaterials in 2014!  The Canadian government has issued a mandatory notice to be completed by companies who have manufactured ...

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