Monthly archives for October, 2016

Update to Health Canada Forms

Starting November 2nd, Health Canada will be replacing the current PDF forms for HTML forms.  As a result online submissions will not be available starting October 26th until November 2nd. ...

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Health Canada to Implement One-Year Sunscreen Pilot

Health Canada announced at the recent CCTFA Regulatory Workshop that it is planning a one year sunscreen pilot program in 2017.  The pilot program would only include sunscreen products that ...

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Updated Regulations for Antiperspirant Products in Canada

Many antiperspirants are now being regulated at cosmetics in Canada.  Prior to this change, they were classified as OTC drugs as it was believed they hindered the natural passage of ...

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Newest Trend in Cosmetics: Magnets

The cosmetic industry constantly needs to innovate and change to stay relevant and trendy, which has led to the invention of magnetic cosmetics.  At the forefront of this trend are ...

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The Visually Innovative World of Cosmetics

The cosmetic industry is a multi-billion dollar industry in just the United States alone.  With an industry so huge that is constantly innovating and changing it can be hard for ...

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