Cosmetic Consulting

Cosmetic Consulting Services in Canada and United States

Looking for a Cosmetic Consultant? Focal Point Research is considered a leader in the science and regulations pertaining to the Cosmetic Industry. Our expertise in industry spans close to three decades in all aspects of scientific and regulatory affairs, manufacturing, quality and safety.

Focal Point Research helps cosmetic companies navigate the unique set of regulations controlling cosmetic ingredients, labeling and packaging for Cosmetic Products in Canada and the U.S.

Focal Point Research offers the following
Cosmetic Consulting Services:

COSMETICS – Cosmetovigilance (CANADA AND USA)

  • Monitoring of all complaints pertaining to marketed products
  • Evaluation of consumer health complaints and undesirable effects
  • Reporting to Health Canada and the FDA of any serious product-related or safety-related issues

Regulatory Affairs:

  • Review product labels, inserts, or advertising for U.S. & Canadian compliance
  • Review ingredients for U.S. & Canadian compliance with our proprietary software
  • Submit U.S. Product Registrations and/or Health Canada Cosmetic Notifications
  • Expert witness in Scientific, Regulatory & IP Litigation

Quality Assurance:

  • Evaluate Manufacturing Quality Systems
  • Evaluate Consumer Complaints and Adverse Reactions

Scientific Services:

  • Prepare product specifications
  • Evaluate product/package compatibility
  • Design and commission product testing, stability studies, clinical trials to establish claim support & ensure product safety
  • Provide assistance with analytical test methods

Environmental Compliance:

  • Evaluate organic and environmental claims
  • Review ingredients for compliance


The Focal Point Research team of consultants is ready to help with your scientific & regulatory needs. Our
friendly staff include scientists from various disciplines, regulatory and packaging experts and administrative
support. We are eager to help you.


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