600 HIV-Negative Participants to Test Vaccine Next Fall

Developed at Canada’s Western University, the HIV vaccine SAV001 will be moving from Phase I to Phase II clinical trial beginning the fall of 2017 at the earliest.  During the Phase I clinical trial 33 HIV-positive participants were administered the vaccine and it showed no serious adverse effects and that the vaccine triggered an anti-HIV immune response.

The Phase II clinical trial will determine how effective the vaccine can trigger an anti-HIV antibody response in those without the virus (Western University, 2016).  Of the 600 HIV-negative participants, 300 will be volunteers from the general North American population, and the other 300 will come from a high-risk HIV group (Western University, 2016).  This group includes those living with a partner that is HIV-positive, sex workers, men who have sex with men, and IV drug users (Western University, 2016).  If successfully completed, Phase III will be conducted on 6000 subjects on a world-wide scale and will be the vaccines true test (Western University, 2016).

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