Alban Muller Announces Two Alternatives to Microbeads

The company Alban Muller, a cosmetic ingredient and product formulation company based out of France has developed two alternatives to polyethylene micro-beads. Both are derived from natural ingredients and are said to be 100% safe for the environment.

Scrubami® is the first alternative and is derived from fruit pits, nuts, and kernels, for example almond shells, apricot kernels, olive pits, walnut shells, and coconut shells. These micro-bead alternatives range in size from 500/200 microns to 500/800 microns.

The second alternative to micro-beads is called Silicami®, which is derived from silica. This natural micro-bead alternative will be available in 3 different size ranges: 15-40 microns, 60-200 microns, and 200-500 microns. These alternatives will be used in cosmetic products as natural exfoliants for the face and body. These are two of an increasing number of natural micro-bead replacements appearing on the market.

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