Creatine Shot Energizes Innovation in Sports Nutrition


Researchers at AnaBio Technologies have developed a microencapsulated form of creatine. Unlike traditional creatine powder, the encapsulated form is stable in water and acid. This allows it to absorb into the blood stream before degrading into creatinine.

Creatine is one of the largest markets in the sports supplement sector. It works by recycling ATP in muscle tissue to extend the amount of energy available to the body.

Trials found that the encapsulated form resulted in significantly higher plasma levels compared to a placebo.  Because it doesn’t degrade in the stomach, using this form increases the amount of creatine delivered to muscles. Ultimately, this leads to higher gains in lean body mass.

Future Nutrition has used the microencapsulated form to develop a creatine shot. “CreaOne” is the first stable liquid product clinically proven to enhance performance.

This technology opens up huge opportunities in the sports nutrition industry. Increased versatility and bioavailability allows formulators to be much more innovative when developing new products.

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