Critical News Update from Health Canada Regarding Cosmetic Risk

In a March 30th, 2016 notice to the industry Health Canada’s Consumer Product Safety Program published critical new information pertaining to how they assess risk to cosmetics and their ingredients.  We speculate this could be the factors that lead to their recent assessment of preservatives MI/MCI forcing them off the market.

According to Health Canada the Program “identifies, assesses, manages, and communicates risks to human health or safety of consumer products and cosmetics after they reach the consumer market”.  In order for Health Canada to be able to do this, the Program uses a risk-based approach.  The program has developed a Risk Assessment Framework which outlines the approach that will be taken and states that priority is given to product safety issues with the greatest potential for posing a risk to human health.

Their Risk Characterization Method will identify an overall risk level for products and ingredients being Very High, High, Medium or Low based upon the level of injury that could happen.  The Method will then use the same scale to evaluate different types of hazards such as flammability, electrical and toxicological risk.  In addition, they will assess the level of intentional harm which they term Injury Severity and the chance of this happening is known as the Likelihood of Injury.  Finally, they will examine the Risk to specific populations such as children.  In conclusion, this Safety Program applies a consistent approach to analyzing risks while the Risk Characterization Method supports the principles that are outlined in the Program’s Risk Assessment Framework.

We hope that this information is helpful to you and your company.  If you have any questions about requirements or repercussions to your products feel free to contact Focal Point Research.  As leading scientists in the industry and Health Canada Cosmetic Consultants we can provide guidance and help in fully understanding what is required along with make sure that your products run into no problems with Health Canada.