Do Your Products Contain Triclosan? Environment Canada Wants More Information

Recently Environment Canada released a Notice (Section 71 Notice) concerning the substance Triclosan. The ingredient Triclosan has been used as a preservative in healthcare and many consumer products including cosmetics and household cleaning products.

As a result of this mandatory survey, manufacturers, importers and users of Triclosan are required to respond to Environment Canada’s survey concerning the quantity of Triclosan used within your organization.

The response to this Notice must be submitted no later than July 11th, 2013. Your company, or Focal Point Research on behalf of your company, may make a written request for an extension to the deadline should the assigned timeline not be feasible.

Focal Point Research Inc. is at the forefront of environmental issues and regulations as they pertain to Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical and Natural Health Products. We would be more than happy to assist you in complying with this Notice and answering any questions you may have regarding this mandatory survey.