Exposure to Cosmetics on the Job

Regulatory bodies have always been on the look-out for potentially dangerous ingredients which may pose health risks to users over both the short and long term. Ingredients posing health risks are either restricted or banned entirely from use in consumer products. But can the same be said about products in the workplace? A study in Sweden, published by the journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, has found that a number of hairdressers have been receiving exposure to banned amines from the use of hair-dye and perm products. The amines, o- and m-toluidine, are known carcinogens and have been banned in the EU for a number of years. It was found that the blood concentration level of the amines rose based on the number of perms or hair-dying’s performed by the hairdressers. Hair products from the US and Turkey were also analyzed, and the results indicated that carcinogenic amines were present in these products. Although these amines are banned in the EU, products containing these banned substances appear to be still obtainable.