Fidget Spinners- Toy or Medical Device?

Fidget Spinners- Toy or Medical Device?

You may have noticed lot of kids (and even some adults) recently that seem to always have some kind of spinning contraption in their hand. This is likely a “fidget spinner”. Although fidgeting tools have been available for many years in a variety of forms, this particular design has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few months. Fidget spinners have a central bearing and multiple prongs (similar to a ceiling fan) that can be spun with a simple finger flick. The low friction mechanism keeps the toy spinning for up to several minutes. Although simply toys to some, to others fidget spinners are a way to improve concentration. Some people even view them as dangerous. These differing viewpoints are creating quite the stir online. Here’s what some of the main stakeholders say about fidget spinners:

Opinions on Fidget Spinners


Fidget SpinnersLike many other fidgeting tools and behaviours, what works for one person may not work for another. The surging popularity of fidget spinners and the different opinions and experiences of consumers, teachers and researchers will surely lead to formal trials into what actual benefits they provide and who can best reap those benefits. For now, only time will tell if fidget spinners will live on as a trend, collectible, or medical tool.

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