Final Assessment of Triclosan

On Friday November 25th 2016, Environment Canada`s Chemical Management Plan (CMP) released its final assessment of triclosan.  Triclosan is a chemical ingredient used as a preservative in cosmetics and as an anti-bacterial active ingredient.  After an extensive review over the past few years it has been concluded that it “is not entering the environment in a quantity or concentration or under conditions that constitute or may constitute a danger in Canada to human life or health”.  However there is still concern that it may pose a risk to aquatic ecosystems and as a result it is recommended that measures be put in place to reduce the amount of triclosan being introduced to the environment.

The CCTFA will continue to assess whether these results are because of a reduction in the use of triclosan in self-care products.

The final assessment in its entirety can be read here.  It should be noted that in the United States, the FDA’s ruling and assessment on triclosan and antibacterial soaps and washes are not equivalent to Canada’s CMP triclosan review with regards to human safety.  The FDA reported that “manufacturers did not demonstrate that the ingredients are both safe for long-term daily use and more effective than plain soap and water in preventing illness and the spread of certain infections”.  Meanwhile in Canada a significant amount of data on the safety of triclosan was submitted to the CMP.

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