Focal Point Research Publications

Focal Point Research Inc. has recently had articles published in the online edition of Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine. The first article, titled

Colorants Targeted for Further Government Scrutiny: Resorcinol and Solvent Red 23”, discusses the issues surrounding the colorants resorcinol and solvent red 23, as well as provides some solutions. The second article is titled “Sunscreen Regulations: Why ‘Final’ is Not the Right Word”. This second article focuses on the history of sunscreen regulations, how they have changed around the world throughout the years, and how there is still room available for regulations to develop. The most recent article published is titled “What Green Means for Cosmetics” and its focus is on the recent developments of all natural, organic, and environmentally friendly “green” cosmetics. Please feel free to view our articles at any time on the Cosmetics & Toiletries website.