Rob was a Featured Speaker at TRI Princeton’s “The Science Behind Hair Claims” Conference

Rob was a Featured Speaker at TRI Princeton’s “The Science Behind Hair Claims” Conference

On May 16, 2017 Focal Point Research Inc.’s CEO Rob Ross-Fichtner gave two lectures at the famous hair science research Institute, TRI Princeton, located in Princeton New Jersey. TRI was hosting one of its well-known training sessions entitled “The Science behind Hair Claims “. Rob’s lectures focused on the regulations affecting Cosmetics and Over the Counter Drug products, as well as the forces shaping the current and future regulatory landscape. Thank you to everyone who attended the conference!


TRI Princeton

FPR’s CEO speaks on regulatory aspects affecting cosmetics and OTC drugs at TRI Princeton

For those who are unfamiliar with TRI, it is a world leading research Institute in the development of test methods for hair care products. Established in 1930, TRI Princeton is an independent, non-profit organisation for research and education. From its origins in the textile industry, TRI now focuses on the personal care industry, especially hair, skin, and dental cosmetic formularies. TRI Princeton’s scientific conferences are well known for integrating innovation, learning, and creativity.


Need help with your cosmetic product formulation?

This past year, Seneca College began offering a postgraduate diploma course in cosmetic studies. Focal Point Research Inc.’s owner Rob Ross-Fichtner served as a professor in this new program and works collaboratively with students and companies on new and innovative cosmetic formulations.

Through this partnership Focal Point Research Inc. is now able to offer Cosmetic Formulation services. Whether you are creating a new product or enhancing an existing one, we bring over 30 years of formulation experience and an extensive network of material suppliers to your project. If you need help with your product’s formulation, stability, or product/package compatibility please feel free to contact us.

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