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Green Cosmetics

From the dawn of the industrial revolution, the issue of pollution, both to the environment and the body, has become of growing concern.  New technologies have allowed us to develop effective chemicals for use in cosmetics as well as many other products with ease. However, are all of these chemicals safe? Are they natural? Are they good for the environment? These are all questions that have been asked by countless activists as well as concerned consumers. The term “green cosmetic” is difficult to properly define, but it generally refers to cosmetics that are manufactured in a sustainable and eco-friendly way, and also contain ingredient that are natural. Although these products stay away from artificial chemicals that are known to work, green cosmetics can still be effective alternatives. According to various studies, the demand for green cosmetics has been steadily rising over the years as environmental concerns are increasing. According to George Korres, founder of the natural cosmetics company Korres, the demand for natural products is being driven by the informed and “savvier” consumers. Korres claims that the current day consumer is more sophisticated, and more knowledgeable of the various known ingredients such as parabens and formaldehyde, something which was not common only ten years ago. The industry for natural products is steadily growing. Transparency Market Research is expecting the organic cosmetic industry to grow to 13.2 billion dollars by 2018. In 2012, the market was valued at $7.6 bn US. Perhaps this is a wake-up call as to where our industry is headed, and what kind of products the consumer wants. As environmental awareness continues to strengthen, the demand for green cosmetics will only rise.