Health Canada Holding Consultations on Regulation of Personal Care Products

Health Canada Consultation

Health Canada is holding consultations on a very progressive new system to regulate Personal Care Products. After consultation in Fall 2016 on the proposed risk based regulatory framework for personal care products, Health Canada has refined the proposal which is now available for comment. If you are a consumer, member of an industry or consumer association, a healthcare professional, an academic/regulator, or an Indigenous Canadian, you will have the opportunity to submit comments until May 5th, 2017.

Read the 2016 consultation report here.

Personal care products include toothpastes, sunscreens, dietary supplements, over the counter medications, and cosmetics. Under the current regulatory system, a sunscreen designed to prevent skin cancer may be regulated as a drug, or as a natural health product. This system can lead to confusion and misunderstanding regarding whether a product is safe.

The proposed framework is designed to assist consumers in selecting personal care products based on their relative risk. In this new system any product that is currently regulated as a cosmetic, over the counter drug, or natural health product could be classified as a low, moderate, or high risk product. This progressive design would also ensure that the finances and resources dedicated to the registration, oversight, and monitoring of personal care products is proportional to their risk.

Consultations on Regulation of Personal Care Products


If you would like to participate in these consultations, the dates, locations, and registrations links can be found in the table below.

Health Canada Consultations


If you need assistance determining how the proposed regulatory framework may affect your personal care products, please do not hesitate to contact Focal Point Research Inc. We are leading Canadian Regulatory Consultants for Cosmetics, Natural Health Products, OTC Drugs and other personal care products.

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