Mandatory Section 71 Notice Due by December 3, 2015

Important notice to those who sold products containing polymers in Canada in 2014!

The Canadian Government has issued a mandatory notice to be completed and submitted by companies who imported, manufactured or used polymer substances in their products in the 2014 calendar year. The purpose of this notice is for Environment Canada and Health Canada to assess and evaluate the possible risks that these polymer substances pose to the environment and public health. This notice is due to the Minister of the Environment, in particular the Substances Management Coordinator no later than 5 pm ET on December 3, 2015.

Polymers are chemical substances that are created through the addition of identical small molecules to create a larger molecule via the extraction of water or alcohol. These are commonly used in cosmetics and drugs. There are approximately 600 polymer substances that are known and 302 qualify to be documented through this notice by the companies who use these polymers if sufficient quantities are being imported.

From here, the details are complex and we can help you determine:
• do you have polymers in your products
• do your polymers qualify to be reported
• conduct analysis and reporting as needed