Mandatory Section 71 Notice Due by February 23, 2016

Important Notice for those who Manufactured or Imported Products which contained Nanomaterials in 2014!  The Canadian government has issued a mandatory notice to be completed by companies who have manufactured or imported products with nanomaterials in 2014. The purpose of this notice is for the government to collect information on nanomaterials to be able to assess the risk that they put on the environment and human health.

Nanomaterials are substances that are manufactured on a nanoscale (1-100 nm) or have internal or surface structures that are in nanoscale. There are 206 known nanomaterials which need to be assessed. The information gathered on these nanomaterials will also support the development of the list of nanomaterials that are in commerce within Canada via confirmation of commercial status and prioritization activities for these nanomaterial substances.

This notice needs to be reported to Environment Canada no later than 5 pm ET on February 23, 2016.

From here, the details are complex and we can help you determine:

* Do you have nanomaterials in your products?

* Do your nanomaterials need to be reported?

* Conduct analysis and reporting as needed

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