Patent Granted for Natural, Edible Cleaning Solution

Edible Disinfectant

Last month a U.S. patent was granted for an all-natural, safe, non-toxic, edible, disinfecting solution. The product is designed to quickly clean objects such as pacifiers, eating utensils, and mouth pieces. Because the formula is made with edible ingredients, it can be used on the go without the need to rinse or wipe the solution off.

The ingredients include apple cider vinegar, grapefruit seed extract, and citric acid. Depending on the formula variation, stevia leaf extract could also be included. Possible flavours include cherry, lemon, mint, orange, chocolate, vanilla, and piña colada.

The proposed packaging is designed to be portable, such as a small spray dispenser with a fastener to secure it to clothing or bags. However, the product would likely be available in various sizes up to 3L with a range of dispensing methods.

Regulatory Implications

While innovative, this product highlights the increasingly blurring line between product classification and regulation. Disinfectants are regulated by the EPA in the United States. In Canada this type of disinfectant would generally be regulated by the Natural Health Products or Consumer Product Safety Directorate of Health Canada, depending on the ingredients and intended use. The inclusion of food additives in this product may require it to be classified differently to other disinfectants. With more hybrid products appearing on the market across all industries, could this be one more factor in favour of a risk based regulatory framework?

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