Newest Trend in Cosmetics: Magnets

The cosmetic industry constantly needs to innovate and change to stay relevant and trendy, which has led to the invention of magnetic cosmetics.  At the forefront of this trend are magnetic eyeshadows, face masks, and false eyelashes.  These products are appealing to consumers because they make applying the product easier, and removing products simpler and more fun.  Here are a couple magnetic products that have started making headlines in 2016, and may be the beginning of a bigger trend in cosmetics.

Magnetic Eyeshadow

On October 20th M.A.C. Cosmetics will be releasing limited edition magnetic eyeshadows named the Spellbinder Shadows.  Eyeshadow fallout and uneven application of eyeshadow will be a thing of the past with these innovative eyeshadows.  “The pigments have been magnetized and charged,” says M.A.C.’s vice president of product development to Allure, Nicole Masson. She explains the product gives you “…all the benefits-intensity, richness, the creaseless finish-of a loose powder in a much less messy way”.  The innovative eyeshadow will stick to your eyelids, and will stick to the packaging to prevent the eyeshadow from spilling.

The product will be released in eight highly pigmented jewel-tone shades: bronze, chocolate, quartz, olive, amethyst, emerald, teal, and cobalt blue.

Magnetic Skincare

Magnetic face masks are one of the hottest trends in skincare at the moment.  One of the current items on the market is the Milky Dress’ Black Luster Mask.  This face mask applies like any other face mask, but instead of using water and a washcloth to remove it we can now use a tissue covered magnet.   A magnet is passed over the skin to remove the mask, and is considered less of a mess than a conventional face mask.  The idea is that the magnet will lift dirt and excess oil right out of the skin and make the skin look more youthful, firmer, and energized.  The ability to remove the mask with a magnet is all thanks to the most prevalent compound in the formula; iron powder.

Magnetic False Eyelashes

One Two Cosmetics have invented a new innovative way of applying false eyelashes; magnetic false eyelashes.  They are applied as two half strips to each eye; one is applied below and one is applied above the natural lashes.  When the false eyelashes connect they sandwich the real lashes between the small magnets.  Now there’s no need to wait for adhesive glue to dry, they are quicker to apply, and there is no peeling of sticky glue off our eyelashes and eyelids.  Because of the lack of glue these lashes could last longer than regular false lashes.

Only time will tell how long magnetic cosmetics will continue to stay trendy and if so there is no doubt we will continue to see more products like these being introduced onto the market.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Focal Point Research.  We are industry leading Drug and Cosmetic Regulatory Consultants that you can trust to help guide your company in the right direction.