News Bulletin for Companies Selling Antiperspirant Products in Canada

We have just learned that Health Canada will shortly begin regulating antiperspirants as cosmetics regardless of their claimed length of effectiveness. Currently, antiperspirants that claim 48 hour wetness protection are classed as Natural Health Products. This adds a considerable regulatory burden which will be removed.

We are very supportive of this decision.  Antiperspirants are not complicated products, they don’t truly provide a therapeutic benefit, and their risk is minimal. For some time now antiperspirants making a “48 hour odour control” claim have been allowed as cosmetics. More and more we’ve simply seen “48 hours” on the front display panel of antiperspirants, with a footnote somewhere stating “odour control”.  There will be some antiperspirants still regulated as Natural Health Products such as those indicated for hyperhidrosis.

It is expected that the final order for these new regulations will be published later this Summer. This is a reminder to all companies to be aware of the changes that Health Canada and Advertising Standards Canada will be making to the Guidelines for the Non-prescription and Cosmetic Industry Regarding Non-therapeutic Advertising and Labelling Claims.

We hope that this information has been helpful to you. If you have any questions, please contact Focal Point Research Inc. We are industry leading Drug and Cosmetic Regulatory Consultants that you can trust to provide current and updated information and help guide your company in the right direction.