Packaging Development within Consumer Products

The importance of packaging development is one that consumers and manufactures alike may not appreciate. For many cosmetics and personal care products, the packaging is one of the most important aspects of the product. It serves to convey the brand image and very importantly protect the precious contents inside.

The packaging is a very important influencer when it comes to how the product is formulated. Company manufacturers must decide early the details that come along with packaging consumer products. Firstly, functionally and application options must be decided. Will the company decide to use a spray, pump or rollerballs as dictating how the product will be applied and ultimately shape the consumers’ use, satisfaction and ultimately their purchasing decision? What material will the package be made from: glass, polyethylene, polypropylene or one of the many other plastic polymers? Once these are chosen, design of a package can make a huge impact on attracting new consumers.

The packaging is also very important for demonstrating how well a product performs. For example, in skins care, it can allow for the proper amounts to be dispensed for optimal performance. Therefore, the packaging is there as part of the product’s performance as well as protecting the product while communicating the value to consumers. Lastly, label claims on your packaging are extremely important as they can include the claims as well as ingredients and active ingredients in drug products.

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