Personalized Cosmetics Part I: Lipstick

Customizable makeup appears to be the next trend in cosmetics.  A “one-size-fits-all” approach to cosmetics is no longer enough for some consumers.  In such a competitive market some companies have decided to tailor cosmetics to exactly what the customer wants.  Two examples of companies using this approach are Bite Beauty and Finding Ferdinand, who have applied this methodology to lipstick.

With only 2 locations (New York City and Toronto), the Bite Beauty Lip Lab is a forerunner for the customizable cosmetics industry.  Consumers are now on the hunt for one-of-a-kind products, and in just seven minutes a trip to either of the Bite Beauty Lab locations will provide just that.

A specialist will combine discs of coloured pigments to achieve the consumer’s desired lipstick colour.  Once a colour has been finalized the consumer gets to pick a desired finish (matte, sheer, or crème), and even a desired scent (mango, cherry, peppermint, vanilla, violet, or mango) that they want the final lipstick product to have.  The pigment is then melted, and placed very briefly in a centrifuge.  The liquefied lipstick is poured into bullet-shaped molds and cooled at -20 degrees Celsius until it solidifies.  This entire process from start to finish takes about 7 minutes, and customers get to go home with their own one-of-a-kind lipstick.


If you are unable to make it to Toronto or New York to the physical stores there are other ways of making your own customizable lipstick.  The company Finding Ferdinand allows customers to make their own lipstick directly from their computer.  Someone can use their website to digitally mix the base pigments to formulate the lipstick how they want, or can order a starter kit of the pigments and physically mix the pigments themselves.  Then the customer can name the shade online and the one-of-a-kind lipstick will be shipped to them.

This personalized approach to cosmetics doesn’t just apply to lipsticks; the trend has grown to include foundation, eyeshadow, and even mascara.  Only time will tell how much further this trend will progress in the cosmetics industry.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Focal Point Research.  We are industry leading Drug and Cosmetic Regulatory Consultants that you can trust to help guide your company in the right direction.