Recent Advancements with our Team: Seneca College

The Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology has appointed Focal Point Research  President Robert Ross-Fichtner as a Professor in the Department of Biological Science and Applied Chemistry.  The college is located in Toronto and offers programs at the baccalaureate, diploma, certificate and graduate levels.  Rob will be teaching a one semester course in the regulations of cosmetics and OTC drugs, developed by the staff of FPR.

This course is one of the requirements for students to complete the Cosmetic Science Ontario Graduate Certificate Program which will allow students to pursue careers in regulatory, laboratory or sales areas of raw materials suppliers, manufacturers and distributors of cosmetic products or governmental regulatory bodies.  This program is the only Cosmetic Science Graduate Certificate Program in Ontario and will combine the art, science and business elements used in the development of cosmetic products.   This full year course will focus on product formulation and cosmetic production while creating an emphasis on the industry’s evolving regulatory involvement.

Cosmetic products marketed around the world must comply with the jurisdictional legislation pertaining to ingredients, manufacturing, claims, and labeling.  This course will take students through Canadian Acts, Regulations and Guidelines as well as the legislation in several other major global markets.  It will cover labeling, cosmetic ingredients, claims and claim support, environmental considerations and OTC drugs.

As leading Cosmetic Regulatory Consultants, we couldn’t be more excited about being part of this new and innovative program.  If you have any questions regarding this program or this courses structure please feel free to contact us.