Schedule F Will Be No More

The Government of Canada is eliminating the Schedule F list of prescription drugs. Amendments to the Food & Drug Regulations will change the way the prescription drug list is updated. This initiative will make it much less time consuming to remove human and veterinary drugs from the prescription list.

A Health Canada draft document outlines principles and factors that will be used in deciding whether a given drug would be prescription or non-prescription. These guiding principles will replace “Factors for Listing Drugs in Schedule F”, a policy that has been used for the past 20 years.

The Prescription Drug List will look slightly different than Schedule F. It will be divided into two parts, separating drugs for human and veterinary use.

The proposed changes will significantly reduce the wait time for prescription drugs becoming non-prescription. Eliminating the outdated lengthy regulatory process will save taxpayers’ money and make safe drugs more accessible to consumers.

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