Technology and Cosmetics

The concept of three dimensional printing is still relatively new in the world; however new applications for the technology are being discovered in cosmetics. The Mink 3D printer is a concept product for an application of 3D printing in cosmetics, created by Harvard graduate, Grace Choi. This concept, revealed on May 5th at the Tech Crunch Disrupt NY show, was designed to take any input colour from an image, and create cosmetic products of the specified colour right at home. This is just one example of the many new technological concepts for use in the cosmetics industry today. Technology previously available for use only by professionals is also being placed in the hands of consumers. Skin-care products have been recently launched using ultrasonic, infrared, and other technologies as applicators as well as replacements for traditional cosmetic ingredients. These devices are most popular for their anti-aging and wrinkle and stretchmark reduction purposes. The overall technological advancement in the world is full of limitless possibilities, and there are definitely many more possible applications in cosmetics that have yet to be invented.