We Need More Cosmetic-type Dosage Forms

The meeting between Canadian Toiletry & Fragrance Association (CCTFA), Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD) and Therapeutic Products Directorate (TDP) on January 17, 2013 addressed the longstanding dosage form issue. Dosage form is a term used to describe the form a product is supplied as (e.g. tablet, capsule etc.).

The TPD uses pharmacopeial standards and scientific publications to determine dosage forms. These dosage forms, listed in the Drug Product Database (DPD), have been viewed as limiting for labelling and marketing of cosmetics and NHPs. With NHPD taking over this issue, secondary ‘cosmetic’-type dosage forms are being allowed for use in labelling. These are acceptable synonyms, corresponding to primary dosage forms, which will continue to be used in Product Licence Applications and DINs (HC/SC 3011 form). The NHPID will be undergoing changes to update its list of acceptable secondary dosage forms and is currently seeking input on identifying more of these ‘cosmetic’-type dosage forms.

What to Do:

  • Consult FPR on ways to better label your cosmetics and NHPs.

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